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This is a complete list of dates specifically mentioned in scripture for Av. One of the wonderful examples of events being controled by the Lord. There are clearly more events within this month, but these are the only ones mentioned speifically in scripture.

Events for Av in Biblical History

Here is a list of events that took place during the history of the world in the month of Avi:

  • Aaron dies in the 40th year of exodus at 123 years old.
  • Ezra returned to Israel.
  • Some time in Av:
    • Speculation that this was the month of the spies going into the promised land and returning with an evil report.
    • Zedekiah was taken to Babylon
    • Jeremiah had a run-in with a false prophet and Jeremiah said he, the false prophet, would die that year.
    • Zecheriah was told to keep the fasting of the 5th month.
  • Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians and Zedekiah was taken and the city burned.
  • The temple was burning.
  • Cetain of the Jewish elders went to Jeremiah to enquire of the Lord. The Lord responsed that He wouldn't be enquired by them while in exile.

This is a list of secular events that happened on the 9th day of the Jewish month of Av to the Jews. All these are verifiable in the history books.

  • The Jewish Comentary, the Mishna, records that the people believed the evil report of the spies and mourned all night in fear. They turned against Moses and the two faithful spies, Joshua and Caleb (the only two from Egypt that entered the promised land). (Ta'anit 29a says it happend on the 9th of Av, Numbers 14:1-10 just records the curse from the Lord and the revolt against Moses and not the date.) This event started their 40 year wandering in the desert.
  • Destruction of the 1st temple, 29 July 587 BC (9 Av 3174)
  • Destruction of the 2nd temple, 4 Aug 70 AD (9 Av 3830)
  • The Roman army plowed Jerusalem with salt in 25 July 71 AD (9 Av 3831)
  • The destruction of Simeon Bar Cochba's army in 5 Aug 135 AD (9 Av 3895)
  • First Crusade declared by Pope Urban II. 10,000 Jews killed in first month of Crusade. Crusades bring death and destruction to thousands of Jews, totally obliterate many communities in Rhineland and France. 14 July 1095 (9 Av 4855)
  • England expelled all of the Jews in 18 July 1290 AD (9 Av 5050)
  • Spain expelled all of the Jews in 2 August 1492 AD (9 Av 5252)
  • World War I is declared on the ninth of Av, 1 August 1914 (9 Av 5674)
  • Russia mobilized for World War I and launched persecutions against the Jews in Eastern Russia on this day too. 1 August 1914 (9 Av 5674)
  • On the 10th of July 1942, the Germans began a systematic liquidation of the Ghetto, deporting Jews to extermination camps at the rate of six to ten thousand per day. Deportation started on 9th Av. By the Autumn there were only 40,000 Jews left in Warsaw. By early 1943, the Jews refused to cooperate with the Germans and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began. Renewed attempts to start deportations were answered with reprisals. (9 Av 5702)

Two events on a given day is 1 in 365 days. 3 events on the same day is 1 X 365 X 365 = 133,225
Hence, the odds on these twelve events happening to the same people, the same country, over the centruries on the same day is 1 chance in 15.318 billion times a billion times a billion or:
(365 raised to the 11th power = 1.53186582 x 10 to the 28th power.)
A 1 in 20 is a notable event!!!!

Is Lord!!




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