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Wednesday Crucifixion

Jewish Calendar Timeline
 Jewish Day Sunset/Sunrise1 Time of Day Julian Day Moon Phase Event
    12pm-~6pm 26-Mar Wednesday   End of Jewish Month
Nisan 1 Thursday Set: 18:09 26-Mar ~6pm - 12am  1 New Moon 19:57 First of Nisan
2 Only 1 Tishri is unknown and must be declared, the others are calculated.
  12am-~6am 27-Mar Thursday
Rise: 05:47 27-Mar ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 2 Friday Set: 18:10 27-Mar ~6pm - 12am First sliver visible First Sliver should have been visible this night – but not required 2.
  12am-~6am 28-Mar Friday
Rise: 05:45 28-Mar ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 3 Saturday Set: 18:11 28-Mar ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 29-Mar Saturday
Rise: 05:44 29-Mar ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 4 Sunday Set: 18:12 29-Mar ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 30-Mar Sunday
Rise: 05:43 30-Mar ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 5 Monday Set: 18:13 30-Mar ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 31-Mar Monday
Rise: 05:41 31-Mar ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 6 Tuesday Set: 18:13 31-Mar ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 1-Apr Tuesday
Rise: 05:40 1-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 7 Wednesday Set: 18:14 1-Apr ~6pm - 12am   Earthquake, rocks split
(Matt 27:51-54)
  12am-~6am 2-Apr Wednesday
Rise: 05:38 2-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 8 Thursday Set: 18:15 2-Apr ~6pm - 12am 11st Quarter 16:19  
  12am-~6am 3-Apr Thursday
Rise: 05:37 3-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 9 Friday Set: 18:16 3-Apr ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 4-Apr Friday
Rise: 05:36 4-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 10 Saturday Set: 18:17 4-Apr ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 5-Apr Saturday
Rise: 05:34 5-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 11 Sunday Set: 18:17 5-Apr ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 6-Apr Sunday
Rise: 05:33 6-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 12 Monday Set: 18:18 6-Apr ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 7-Apr Monday
Rise: 05:32 7-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 13 Tuesday Set: 18:19 7-Apr ~6pm - 12am    
  12am-~6am 8-Apr Tuesday
Rise: 05:30 8-Apr ~~6am - 12pm
Nisan 14 Wednesday Set: 18:20 8-Apr ~6pm - 12am   ~7pm-12am: Jesus' - the Last Supper - His Passover (Mar 14:17-25) (Matt 26:20)

~12am: They go to Gethsemane (Mar 14:26-42) (Matt 26:30)

~3am: After three hours, Jesus is arrested and is brought to the Sanhedrin and falsely judged (Mar 14:37-42)

Day of Preparation -
(John 18:28, 19:14)

6am: Jesus is brought to Pilate 
(Matt 27:1-2)

9am: Jesus is Crucified (Mar 15:25)

Noon: Darkness over the Earth
(Luke 23:44) (Matt 27:42)

~3:30pm: Jesus yielded up the ghost
(Mark 15:33-37) (Matt 27:46)

~5pm: Jesus is buried in haste
(John 19:42)
  12am-~6am 9-Apr Wednesday
Rise: 05:29 9-Apr ~6am - 12pm
Nisan 15 Thursday Set: 18:21 9-Apr ~6pm - 12am 1 Full Moon 18:27
1st Night
Passover - Feast of Unleavened Bread - a Sabbath (Num 28:18)

At some time after the Day of Preparation the Pharisees went to get Pilate to put guards at the tomb "until the third day". (Matt 27:62-66)
  12am-~6am 10-Apr Thursday
Rise: 05:27 10-Apr ~6am - 12pm 1st Day
(Joh 11:9)
Nisan 16 Friday Set: 18:22 10-Apr ~6pm - 12am 2nd Night Both Marys go and buy spices (Mar 16:1) also knowing it would take time to apply the spices on Jesus they had to wait until the Sabbaths and Feast were over. Besides, it was already dark.
  12am-~6am 11-Apr Friday
Rise: 05:26 11-Apr ~6am - 12pm 2nd Day Feast of Firstfruits (assumption: shops closed in the morning for the feast)

" the morrow after the Sabbath..." (Lev 23:11)

In the afternoon they prepare for the weekly Sabbath
Nisan 17 Saturday Set: 18:22 11-Apr ~6pm - 12am 3rd Night Weekly Sabbath
  12am-~6am 12-Apr Saturday
Rise: 05:25 12-Apr ~6am - 12pm 3rd Day
Nisan 18 Sunday Set: 18:23 12-Apr ~6pm - 12am 3 Jesus rises after sunset and before sunrise

Great Earthquake
(Matt 28:2)

Mary finds the tomb empty prior to sunrise (Joh 20:1)

The women find Jesus is "taken" before sunrise.
(Mar 16:2)
  12am-~6am 13-Apr Sunday
Rise: 05:23 13-Apr ~6am - 12pm ~10am: This would have been the time when the guards would have left, if they hadn't witnessed the Resurection. The Pharisees' "Third day" (Matt:27:62-66)

Jesus meets with the two walking to Emmaus. 
(Luke 24:13-35)

The two run back to the 11 and tell of their meeting with Jesus and Jesus appears to them all. 
(Luke 24:36) (John 20:19)
Nisan 19 Monday Set: 18:24 13-Apr ~6pm - 12am    


2 "The Hebrew calendar has had three forms: (1) Biblical times: the first form, dating from the time before the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 C.E. by the Romans, was a calendar based on observations; (2) Talmudic times: the second form, in effect during the Talmudic period (about 10 B.C.E. to about 500 C.E.), was based on observations and calculations; and (3) Post-Talmudic times: the third form, was based solely on calculations that defined rules for a calendar initially described in full by Moses Maimonides in 1178 C.E. From 70 C.E. to 1178 C.E, there was a gradual transition from the second to the third form, with more and more calendrical rules being adopted over that period. The rules that were developed attained their final form either before 921 C.E. or before 820 C.E. However, because the modern lunisolar Hebrew calendar had to add extra months to synchronize itself with the Christian solar calendar, starting with three consecutive years that were given extra months in the 2nd century C.E. according to the Talmud, the modern Hebrew calendar cannot be used for determining Biblical dates because new moon dates may be in error up to four days and months may be in error up to four months."
3 Eleven hours cannot be accounted for in scripture 6:23pm - 5:23am except Jesus rose during this time. Scripture does not say when He rose, only that He wasn't there prior to sunrise when Mary arrived and found the tomb empty.

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