The burden of Damascus

My dream last night was:

My wife and I were sitting outside, south, in the desert, when looking towards the north I saw a nuclear blast. I knew it was Damascus. With my phone, I took a picture. I told my wife to look and we watched in horror as the mushroom cloud grew. Then we saw another missile head towards us and explode closer to us, so much so that we could see the dirt fly up. We went inside the house to take cover. I wanted to share my photo with the world but I could not get the internet working. We then saw thousands of birds arrive in our back yard. I told my wife they were fleeing the blast. They were very beautiful, colorful birds, small and large. We stopped and prayed for God’s protection over us from the radiation. After trying to see the picture I took, I asked my wife “Is this a dream?” And she said, “No, it’s real!”

Then I woke up.

The thing was that the blast wasn’t like any blast I’ve seen on TV, it was much smaller and quickly dissipated. Isaiah 17 says that Damascus will cease to be a city. It is currently one of the oldest in the history of the world.

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