Blood-Moon Jewish Feasts Phenomenon

[Updated 05/30/2015 – to correct partial vs. full eclipses]

The biblical feasts all point to Jesus not the Jews or the Christians. They are signs to point to Him.

Here are the seven feasts:

  • Passover – 14 Nisan – Jesus died
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread – 15-21 Nisan – “The Bread of Life was dead”, unleavened bread is flat bread, no yeast, no life.
  • Firstfruits – ~16 Nisan – Jesus rose from the dead of the First Fruits 1 Corinthians 15:20 KJV
  • Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) – 6 Sivan (the Law and the Spirit – John 14:16 KJV – were given on the same day)
  • Feast of Trumpets – 1 Tishri – Second Coming of Christ (to rule) 1 Thessalonians 4:16 KJV
  • Day of Atonement – 10 Tishri – Sets up His 1000-year reign, lifts the curse and unites all in Christ. Atonement is the process of causing a transgression to be forgiven or pardoned, in this case, their unbelief in Him. Romans 11:25-26 KJV
  • Feast of Tabernacles (Booths) – 15 Tishri – Jesus’ birthdate, He dwelt (tabernacled in the Greek) with us, John 1:14 KJV

As to the 4-blood moon Jewish feast phenomenon, I’ve done a study and I was shocked. A Tetrad is a series of four. Some preachers say they must be “blood” moons. If that’s the case, then there will only be three in all of history. I will show them all, partial and near misses (within a day of the biblical feast day). The first set of eclipses to fall on these appointed days began as partial eclipses, not blood moons. The definition of a Blood Moon Tetrad is when  four blood moons all fall on the biblical feast days of Passover (14/15 Nisan) and Tabernacles (15 Tishri) consecutively. Remember, none of these count unless they fall on the 14th/15th of Nisan or 15th of Tishri. Notice too how close they are to important events. Yes, there was a beginning (I check from 1000 BC) and the first Tetrad was with all partial eclipses and fell on:

  • 04-11-80BC (15 Nisan)* 10-05-80BC (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-31-79BC (14 Nisan)* 09-14-79BC (14 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

And in 80BC Rome defeats Maccabees but after fighting back in 78BC Alexander Jannaeus dies after extending the Maccabean Kingdom to the whole of Palestine. His wife became Queen of Israel (only the second in its history) named Salome Alexandra.

The next one was a triple-year event, still no blood moons:

  • 04-12-72BC (14 Nisan)* 10-07-72BC (15 Tishri)*
  • 04-02-71BC (14 Nisan)* 09-26-71BC (14 Tishri)*
  • 30-22-70BC (14 Nisan)* 09-15-70BC (14 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

Queen Alexandra (Salome) died in ~69BC and Israel had its last 5 years of independence. Her death set off a chain of events and left two fighting for the seat on the throne. Agreeing to an arbiter, they called in Pompey who instead, in 63BC, took Jerusalem and he desecrated the temple. He put Hyrncanus as a puppet authority, but over the temple, which started the temple tax. In 55BC the governor of Syria was replaced by Antipater. This family had the real power and is the family of Herod. In ~53BC Antipater was made by Rome the de facto ruler of Jerusalem, he in turn appointed his son Herod ruler of Galilee and his other son Phasael ruler of Jerusalem.

  • 04-01-52BC (14 Nisan)* 09-26-52BC (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-22-51BC (14 Nisan)* 09-15-51BC (14 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

The triple-year eclipses, but still not all blood moons. The white-moon eclipses are because they’re partial eclipses of the moon and not 100% in Earth’s shadow. Both 34BC eclipses were the first blood moons to fall on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, 2 of the 4 of the phenomenon, with the other 2 as partial eclipses.

  • 04-13-34BC (15 Nisan) Blood Moon, 10-07-34BC (15 Tishri) Blood Moon
  • 04-01-33BC (15 Nisan)* 09-25-33BC (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-22-32BC (15 Nisan)* 09-14-32BC (14 Tishri – 1 hour shy of 15 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

In 32BC Octavian defeated Mark Antony and Herod was unsure of his status, but won over Octavian and he was given the land owned by Cleopatra including Transjordan. He systematically murdered anyone from the Hyrcanus family including his wife Miamne. 31BC Caesar Augustus’ power increased by overcoming Cleopatra and Mark Antony and called himself “Son of God.” Also in 30BC an earthquake hit and 30K died.

  • 04-03-25BC (15 Nisan)* 09-27-25BC (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-24-24BC (15 Nisan)* 09-16-24BC (14 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

In 23BC Herod began building up the Temple, and it happened to be the end of a shmitah.

The triple-year conjunction: (Jesus’ birth year) with Purim eclipse spoken of by Josephus when Herod killed the priests – he was dead by Passover 03-31-04BC.

  • 04-14-07BC (15 Nisan)* 10-08-07BC (15 Tishri)* – Jesus is born, the Light of the world in a partial eclipse!
  • 04-04-06BC (16 Nisan – one day off)* 09-27-6BC (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-23-05BC (15 Nisan) 09-15-5BC (14 Tishri) both very blood moon – right in the middle of the Earth’s shadow.
  • 03-13-04BC (14 Adar II)* Purim (Herod killed the priests and was dead by Passover)

*Partial Eclipses

  • 04-03-33 (14 Nisan)* 09-27-34 (14 Tishri)*
  • 03-23-34 (15 Nisan)* 09-16-34 (15 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

While this would look like an eclipse fitting for the year of Jesus’ death, my study shows He died in 27AD according to Daniel’s prophecy. Even if Jesus was born in 4BC and if He had died in 33AD He would have been 36 years old. He was about thirty when He started His ministry, Luke 3:23, and John recorded only 3 more Passovers with Jesus dying on the third one, making Him 32 years old at the time of His death. However, Saul persecutes the Christians then converts and becomes Paul at this time.

  • 04-05-41 (16 Nisan – off by a day and the smallest eclipse of them all)* 09-28-41 (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-25-42 (15 Nisan)* 09-18-42 (15 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

  • 04-04-60 (14 Nisan)*  09-28-60 (14 Tishri)*
  • 03-24-61 (15 Nisan)     09-18-61 (16 Tishri off by 12 hours) – In 62 Paul and James are executed.

To me a very significant year considering this next set because it’s the year the temple was destroyed (9 Av – 4 Aug 70 ) with unbelievable suffering of the Jews during this time. 25 July 71 the Roman army plowed under Jerusalem with salt (9 Av).

(2 total solar eclipses with 2 lunar eclipses on observable holidays)

  • 03-30-70 (29 Adar – last day of the biblical year – Solar eclipse*)
  • 04-14-70 (15 Nisan)* 10-08-70 (15 Tishri)*
  • 09-23-70 (29 Elul – last day of the civic year – total Solar eclipse with Venus and Mercury in conjunction)
  • 03-20-71 (29 Adar – total Solar eclipse last day of the biblical year)

*Partial Eclipses

In 79AD Vespasianus is succeeded by Tito and Mt. Vesuvius erupts burying Pompeii

  • 04-05-79 (14 Nisan) 09-29-79 (14 Tishri)
  • 03-24-80 (14 Nisan)* 09-18-80 (15 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

The triple-year conjunction:

  • 04-15-97 (15 Nisan) 10-09-97 (15 Tishri)
  • 04-04-98 (14 Tishri)* 09-29-98 (15 Tishri)*
  • 03-25-99 (14 Nisan)* 09-18-99 (14 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

100AD Bar Kochba rises up, is declared Messiah, and the Jewish calendar is changed to reflect the 4000 years from Creation falling on him instead of Jesus. Later he is killed in 135AD on 9 Av.

In 116AD the Jews were silenced in Cyrenaica, Egypt and Cyprus. Rome reaches it’s peak population.

  • 04-14-116 (14 Nisan) 10-09-116 (15 Tishri)*
  • 04-04-117 (15 Nisan)* 09-28-117 (15 Tishri)*

*Partial Eclipses

I cannot find anything about the Jews in 125 or 126AD, other than in 132AD the last push of Bar Kochba started and ended with his death in 135AD.

  • 04-05-125 (14 Nisan)* 09-30-125 (15 Tishri)* with a conjunction by the moon with Jupiter
  • 03-26-126 (14 Nisan) 09-19-126 (14 Tishri)

*Partial Eclipses

To date, this next set is the closest to a  Blood Moon Tetrad with 3 blood moons and the last one falling just 2 hours after sunset in Israel, making it 15 Tishri.

  • 04-05-144 (15 Nisan) 09-29-144 (15 Tishri)
  • 03-26-145 (15 Nisan)* 09-18-145 (15 Tishri)

*Partial Eclipse

  • 04-17-162 (14 Nisan) 10-11-162 (14 Tishri)*
  • 04-06-163 (15 Nisan) 09-30-163 (15 Tishri) – a plague occurs in Europe

*Partial Eclipse

Notice how much further apart they start to occur…

  • 04-09-795 (15 Nisan) 10-03-795 (15 Tishri)
  • 03-28-796 (14 Nisan) 09-21-796 (15 Tishri) – Charlemagne “Father of Europe” and “Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire”

This last set is 4 blood moons, but the third one is a day too soon falling on 14 Nisan.

  • 03-30-842 (15 Nisan) 09-23-842 (15 Tishri)
  • 03-19-843 (14 Nisan)  09-12-843 (14 Tishri) – Rome is sacked by the Muslims

This next set of dates is the very first official Blood-Moon Tetrad as the fourth full blood moon falls 4 hours after sunset, making it 15 Tishri.

  • 04-09-860 (15 Nisan) 10-03-860 (15 Tishri)
  • 03-30-861 (15 Nisan)  09-22-861 (15 Tishri) – Jews and Christians greatly persecuted by the Muslims

Our second official Blood-Moon Tetrad is next:

  • 04-02-1493 (15 Nisan) 09-25-1493 (14 Tishri) – short by 1/2 an hour, Israeli time)
  • 03-22-1494 (15 Nisan) 09/15/1494 (15 Tishri) – Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 looking for a homeland for the Jews. As a result, America becomes a nation which is instrumental in bringing about the birth of Israel by a born again Christian, Harry S Truman!

The next set misses the official rating by twelve hours each:

  • 04-13-1949 (14 Nisan) 10-07-1949 (14 Tishri)
  • 04-02-1950 (15 Nisan) 09-26-1950 (15 Tishri) – Israel becomes a nation in 1948

The next set missed it by three hours each day.

  • 04-24-1967 (14 Nisan) 10-18-1967 (14 Tishri)
  • 04-13-1968 (15 Tishri) 10-06-1968 (14 Tishri) – Israel takes back Jerusalem in 1967

This next set too missed it on one day by three hours.

  • 04-15-2014 (15 Nisan) 10-08-2014 (14 Tishri missed it by 3 hours)
  • 04-04-2015 (15 Nisan) 09-28-2015 (15 Tishri)
  • 03-23-2016 (13 Adar II – almost Purim, missed it by 4 hours) Just like after Jesus’ birth

It won’t happen again for 568 years!

The third and last official Blood-Moon Tetrad.

  • 04-09-2582 (15 Nisan) 10-03-2582 (15 Tishri)
  • 03-29-2583 (15 Nisan) 09-22-2583 (15 Tishri)

The next set is the very last time it even comes close.

  • 04-20-2600 (15 Nisan) 10-14-2600 (15 Tishri)
  • 04-09-2601 (15 Nisan) 10-04-2601 (16 Tishri) off by a full day – the last of the four eclipses on Jewish Holidays… I tested until the year 2900.

The fact that there is a beginning and an end amazes me. What makes this upcoming event so special are the other dates of eclipses:

Total solar eclipses occur on these dates:

  • Aug. 1, 2008 (1st of Av)
  • July 22, 2009 (1st of Av)
  • July 11, 2010 (1st of Av)

The current seven year cycle began on Rosh Hashanah on September 30, 2008, and ends on Rosh Hashanah on September 13-14, 2015, the day of a partial solar eclipse.

In July, Israel and Palestinians started a 9-month peace bid (…). July plus nine months is April, the first eclipse of the next blood-moon cycle. Time will tell.

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