Right or Wrong

Is lying wrong? Is stealing wrong? Is murder wrong? Is hate wrong? Who says so? What right do you have to tell me that killing my neighbor and eating him is wrong? It’s done in other parts of the world. What makes it okay for them and not me? Yesterday the law says “this” is wrong and today the law is changed to say that “this” is right. Under what authority do they have to make or change the law? Society, they say. Well, what if all of society decides that the best way to deal with dead beat welfare people is to eat them? Is that right or wrong? Who says so? What right do you have to say “this” is wrong or “this” is correct?

60 Minutes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRvVFW85IcU) found a study recently on babies to see if they knew right from wrong. And to the amazement of everyone they did! How? They can’t even communicate. How then? The only answer is Moral Law, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpMSP-jWoH0). What is Moral Law? The law that God wrote on all our hearts, Romans 2:15; Hebrews 8:10; Hebrews 10:16. We call it a conscience. Now, if one rejects what the conscience is saying then they are making themselves hard towards the truth and reject anything they don’t “feel” is right or wrong instead of what they “know” in their heart as being right or wrong, Zechariah 7:12. This is the fundamental reason evolution was created: to deny God exists so the conscience could be rejected without conviction. No God, no conviction.

Is having sex with your neighbor wrong? Is having sex with your stepmother/father wrong? Is having sex with your neighbor’s husband/wife wrong? Is having sex with your sibling wrong? Is having sex with the same sex wrong? Is having sex with an animal wrong? Well if you answer yes to some and no to others, then you’re picking and choosing based on the winds of fluctuating feelings of society. But! If you believe the written word of God is indeed from God, then all these things are wrong, absolutely without hesitation. Why? Because the written word of God says they’re all wrong and God specifically says same sex is an abomination. So, when I say these things are wrong, I’m not judging someone, I’m only reiterating what the foundational word of God says. It is our owner’s manual for life on earth. It is for OUR benefit to believe and follow what it says. Do you like to be lied to? Why not? Everyone does it, they say. Yet, when you catch someone in a lie you’re furious. Why? What right do you have to be angry? God wrote it on your heart and you choose to accept that as truth: not telling the truth is wrong.

So this is the crux of the matter: do you believe God or not? Believing IN God isn’t enough. You have to believe what He says too.

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