All Powerful God – Waiting

A thought: The Father knows not only the end from the beginning but all the possible choices we all make and all the possible outcomes. This is how we get to the “many are called, few are chosen”. He chooses those that would accept His calling, just like God knew Pharaoh would do evil, so God chose him to fulfill God’s will, then hardened Pharaoh’s heart to expedite the desired outcome – to give God the glory. Sort of like the police using already bad people to do their bidding for a greater good – catch the bigger criminal. Everyone still has the choice to choose. If the little criminal or Pharaoh had repented and said “I’m done with that life” there’s nothing the police or God could do. The police and God would find someone else to do their bidding. This also gives us the understanding why it takes an Omniscient and Omnipotent God time to get things done when we pray – He’s waiting for an obedient servant. Think about all the supernatural events recorded in the scriptures and notice how many are through the hands of simple obedient humans, all using God’s power He instructed them to use in the first place.

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