Mysteries of Life

When I was a kid, I noticed that one day the calendar read: 2:34 5/6/78 Ever since then I see the other patterns in the calendar. While there are many, each one happens only once a 100 years. It’s part of the gift the Lord has given humanity: pattern recognition. It’s also why we love puzzles and want to solve mysteries. It’s part of who we are, to seek and find. Even kids play (or at least they used to) hide-n-seek. To me, it’s the hole left by having sin in us that only God can fill.

The Creator put all around us amazing puzzles and mysteries so we can seek Him out – the ultimate Mystery. By doing so, we get a sense of euphoria when we solve it. This base compelling desire to solve things is why mystery novels, plays, games and shows revolve around solving something. Sherlock Holmes, Rubik’s cube, Sudoku, conspiracy theories, etc. My greatest euphoria is the filling of the Holy Spirit and finding things in the word of God. Some of my favorites are finding mathematical Pi small_pi.png in Genesis 1:1,  Euler’s number euler_num.png in John 1:1 (which contains small_pi.png), or all the evil that befalls the Jews on 9 Av, or the equal-letter-sequence discoveries throughout the Torah. In fact, small_pi.png is so amazing by itself, any sequence can be found in it. Everything points to Jesus and His might!

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