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This is a complete list of dates specifically mentioned in scripture for Nisan and Tishrei. One of the wonderful examples of events being controlled by the Lord. There are clearly more events within these months, but these are the only ones mentioned specifically in scripture. Another amazing month for event is Av.

Events for Tishrei in Biblical History

Here is a list of events that took place during the history of the world in the month of Tishrei:

  • Feast of Trumpets - a Sabbath, civil new year, some believe this is the date of the Rapture, but I disagree per scripture which says you cannot know the day nor the hour, Mark 13:32, but we'll see huh?
  • Ezra read the law of Moses by the request of the people.
  • All the ground was dry in th 601th year of Noah's life.
  • Some time in Tishrei:
    • Hananiah the prophet died in the seventh month.
    • Solomon brought up the ark to the temple for the "feasts."
    • Ishmael son of Nethaniah slew the set ruler and many Jews.
    • Zecheriah is reminded to keep the feast of 7 days
    • Ezra made sacrifices from the 1st onward even though the temple hadn't been rebuilt yet.
    • After Ezra checked the registry and separated the mixed blood of the people, the people all went to their houses.
  • All the chief rulers and priest were gathered to understand the Law.
10th: A day of affliction to one's soul.
  • Day of Atonement - a Sabbath, from evening to evening to start after the sundown on the 9th
  • Feast of Tabernacle for 7 days, 15th to the 21st, which are Sabbaths, and the 8th day is a feast.
  • God reminds Ezekial of the feast of 7 days.
  • Ezra keeps the feast of Tabernacle and all Israel went to Jerusalem to keep it.
  • Having understood Ezra, the people went and cut down trees to live in booths for the 7 days. First time since Joshua son of Nun that this was done.
  • Jesus' Birthday
  • God asks Haggai to ask if anyone remembers His first house and wants them to compare it to this 2nd temple.
  • The people made a solemn feast unto the Lord.
  • The children of Israel were assembled with fasting and sackcloth and separated themselves from the heathen and confessed their sins and they read the law for a full 1/4 day and confessed and worshiped the Lord for another 1/4 of the day.
  • All the earth was dried up.

Events for Nisan in Biblical History

(also called Abib)

Here is a list of events that took place during the history of the world in the month of Nisan:

  • The beginning of the sacred year
  • Wilderness Tabernacle is erected and the ark is placed in it, 2nd year of exodus.
  • Hezekiah sets out to sanctify the house of the Lord, through the 8th.
  • Ezekial received a word of the Lord that Egypt will be given to Nebuchadezzar for destroying Tyrus.
  • Ezra leaves Babylon to go to Judah
  • The deadline for Israel to put off the unholy lives and wives in days of Ezra
  • Some time in Nisan, Nehemiah requests leave of Artaxerxes to build Jerusalem
  • Some time in Nisan, Joel receives a word from the Lord that Zion will receive the former and latter rains in Nisan
  • Ezekial received a word from the Lord that Egypt would be destroyed
  • The day in which the lamb is taken and set apart for four days for the Passover
  • Jesus separates Himself from the people to prepare for His hour
  • Israel came up out of Jordan into the promise land
  • Ezekial received a word from the Lord with the vision of the new Temple
  • Evil Haman cast his lot, Pur, to see what month to destroy the Jews, this is called the Purim, for the casting of the lot of Haman, but celebrated Adar 14 because Adar 13 was the date Haman picked to destroy the Jews.
  • Ezra and his group continue their journey to Jerusalem after pausing to afflict themselves for the protection of the Lord for 3 days they fasted and continued on to Jerusalem on this day.
  • Haman writes evil letters to destroy the Jews on Adar 13 of the next year.
  • Jesus celebrates Passover with His disciples.
14th: - Time of cleansing and preparation in haste for the workings of the Lord, put out the leaven [yeast - sin] from among you
  • Day of Preparation and the slaughter of the lamb that was set aside for the first Passover, exactly 430 years from the day that God made a covenant with Abraham.
  • Jesus is crucified about the same time as all the other Passover lambs in Israel.
  • Passover is kept for the first time in the promised land.
  • Josiah kept the Passover
  • Ezra kept the Passover for the first time in the holy land after their captivity.
15th: - Time of reflection and purification
  • To the 21st the Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Jesus, the Bread of Life, is lifeless, just like unleavened bread is lifeless.
  • Israel ate of the old corn in the promised land for the first time.
  • Ezra kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread for the first time in the holy land after their captivity.
  • Hezekiah finished the sanctification for the house of the Lord.
17th: - New beginning, the old is passed away behold all things are become new!
  • Noah's Ark rested on Mt. Ararat
  • Feast of Firstfruits - a wave offering to the Lord, a Sabbath
  • Israel passed through the Red Sea
  • The manna fell no more after this day, as the children of Israel were brought to the Promised Land
  • Jesus the Christ raises from the Dead
  • Preincarnate Christ appears to Daniel.

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