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The name of God given to Moses is יהוה (reading right to left) – yod (י) hey (ה) vav (ו) hey (ה). In the KJV Bible it’s the all-upper case word LORD. When the Jews come to this word in the Scripture, they substitute the Name with “Adonia” (אדון) which means “Lord” so as not to mispronounce the Name of God. The problem is, now they don’t know how to pronounce it. The reason this happened is because there are no vowels in Hebrew, which brings about the pronunciation. However, to say Judah (יהודה) in Hebrew it’s pronounce “ya-hoo-da”, so if you remove the “d” (ד) you get the Name of God, “ya-hoo-ah”, which seems correct to me.

The gem to the Name of God is what it means in paleo-Hebrew. The Name of God in the Hebrew Scriptures is יהוה and the pictograph for this is:

 open hand (י), LOOK! (ה), nail (ו), LOOK! (ה)

What does this image reveal?

The meaning of the name of God has a dual meaning via the pictograph:

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