Salvation – what is it?

Now that we’ve looked at the meaning of Jesus – Salvation – what is it to be saved and why. Because God is fully holy and requires holiness, which we don’t have, God sent the manifestation of His Word to become flesh, live a holy life without sin, and die for you and me. By doing this Jesus (meaning “salvation” in Hebrew) took our punishment and we take His holiness. He is our substitute. Since no one is without sin, any comparison to another would simply show everyone guilty. One slightly rotten apple or the putrid mush at the bottom of the barrel – all are rotten apples. Jesus alone is perfect so we are judged by being compared to Him and Him alone, not each other. There is no “participation” trophy in life.

As Adam willfully chose sin over God’s authority, only through calling on God and accepting His free gift of eternal life, His grace, will you be free from the law. The law demands holiness, but we’re already damaged goods, so we’re doomed. God is also love, and seeing our impossible plight, sent Jesus to die for our sins. Christians are not perfect, nor are we judges (though it may seem that way to you by the means we have to communicate the truth) we are only holy in God’s eyes because we have accepted His gift, nothing more. God loves you, specifically dying for you. You need only to accept what He did for you on the cross and ask Him into your heart. Anyone who calls on the name of God shall be saved. Period.

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