I believe we can (and should) prophecy as the Lord leads. I’ve done it twice and my wife has books of writings the Lord’s given her since 1993. She told me to sell the house (we weren’t using it) in 2006… I bought at $192k and sold for $427k. By 2008 it wasn’t worth $220k! My wife prophesied over a friend, who already had 3 miscarriages due to blood mismatch of her and her husband, that they’d have 2 children a girl and a boy. The girl was born ~10 months later and the boy ~15 months after that.

I love to study DNA. DNA is the media in which the information is stored, just like 1’s and 0’s on a DVD. When one buys the DVD for $19.95, are they buying the 20-cent piece of plastic? No. They’re buying the information. Information is non-material. That’s what our DNA is, the DVD that carries the information. A DVD can store the Hallelujah Chorus or porn videos. In our DNA are the experiences, those of our parents, our grandparents, etc. and we have the ability to affect our DNA, science has proven this. Our surroundings affect our DNA, what we consume affects our DNA. The first failure of mankind was do to DNA – Adam ate the fruit and sinned. That fruit contained the information for sin! That consumption passed the sin down through DNA to each one of us via the male of the family. Now you understand the virgin birth! The renewing of our minds brings renewal of our DNA. Whatsoever a man thinks, so is he, Pro 23:7a. God Himself said that whatever a man imagines, so it’ll be, Gen 11:6 and Paul says to control those imaginations against the truth of the word of God, 2 Cor 10:5-6. Our brains are but only a CPU that forms judgements which are stored in our hearts. Our heart is not just the bio-pump in our chest but every cell in our body containing DNA – our inherited and experienced lives – what we BELIEVE. So to change your “dirty” DNA to “pure” DNA you must repent. God isn’t interested in behavioral modification, but heart transformation! “I can guilt you into tithing 10%, but I can’t guilt you into being generous. I can guilt you into working at a soup kitchen but I can’t guilt you into compassion.” (Bill Johnson said that.)

Indeed the word of God is written IN our HEARTS literally(!) from the foundation of the earth, Rom 2:15, and the word of God is our bread, Matt 4:4. These are not mere metaphors, but reality! Miracles happen TODAY. What happened to the woman with mismatched blood? What changed? Her DNA! My wife was healed when only SHE knew she was sick. Another asked her and I had to translate! I never knew so my friend couldn’t have known having only just that minute met my wife. The Holy Spirit told them! HOW did my wife get healed? “Through prayer and God’s touch.” Yes, but what did He change? The DNA in the affected cells! Come on folks, stop being so fearful! EXPERIENCE God, don’t follow Him like a historical figure like George Washington. What do you think happens when you “change your minds”, aka repent? Cells get rearranged, electrical impulses alter direction, and DNA is changed! Dirty DNA for Clean DNA! Knowing HOW it happens doesn’t produce faith. Believe God’s word in faith and through that faith you’ll see for yourself!

Another step forward in this… What did God do first? He spoke. Literally? Why not! Speaking generates frequencies. You listen to music you hear the combination of voice (frequency) in harmony with an instrument (frequency) and you FEEL it inside you! Turn up the volume and the pencil on the desk feels it! Everything created has a frequency. A crystal glass can shatter at a specific frequency. X-Rays are a frequency that can kill. You use a device that uses a frequency tuned specifically to the frequency of water molecules to get them excited to release energy, thereby heating up your food – a microwave! A handful of powdered uranium when processed can electrify a city and kill everyone in it if exposed to its frequency! How does faith come? By HEARING the word of God! Not “heard”, but hearing, continually. Why? To reprogram the information within us! What information is that? DNA! Hallelujah! What’s it changing in us? FAITH! What is Faith? The EVIDENCE of things not seen! HA! Faith is a substance! Heb 11:1! Joshua was warned not to let the word of the book depart from his lips but to MEDITATE (mutter, mumble, SPEAK in Hebrew) day and night! Why? To build his faith by HEARING the word of God!! WHOA!! Glory to God! Studies show living matter responds differently to Chopin compared to AC DC. What’s the difference? Harmony vs. Disharmony. Differences in frequencies! The TV shows you watch changes your DNA! A proven fact. Children growing up with TV have a 10% drop in IQ compared to those that grew up without a TV! What was the difference? Programmed DNA!

We all believe the stories in the word of God, a collection of books about the various snapshots of events in man’s life through God’s eyes, yet, we’re sadly the first to dismiss it when those same events appear right in front of our eyes! This is why God remains elusive to so many. “If ONLY God would… [fill in the blank]… I’d believe.” No you wouldn’t! It takes faith. We all have the same amount of faith. No where does it say we’re to pray FOR faith, but to make it GROW. A seed grows! Seed contain – wait for it – DNA! We all believe in something. We just have to change our minds and get it in TUNE with God’s word. Change our frequency from negative to positive towards God! To the pure all things are pure! Titus 1:15. That’s what Job did. He blamed God for his troubles… sound familiar? It only took 42 chapters to change his mind, to have him repent, Job 42:5-6. Just because you don’t believe, don’t berate those that believe. The word of God says “heart” we call it now “DNA”. PotAto POtato… ;)

:whistle: Moseying on out… :cool: Glory to God!!! Praise His mighty work! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :LOL: :ROFLMAO:

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