What good are the scriptures?

The scriptures are just a map to get one to the person of Jesus from wherever their starting point is. The scriptures are a photo album filled with snapshots of humanity over time. Every example is for our edification, to get us closer to God. No part of it is irrelevant, and where there seems to be contradictions (“Keep the Law!!” vs. “You’re free from the Law!!”) is the same as that of gravity vs. flying. One law supersedes another law. The scriptures are merely a book about life. Life is what you want, not stories about it. As with a photo album, it cannot capture the wonder of the reality. If I show you a picture of the Grand Canyon you’d say “Wow! That’s beautiful!” but if you go to the Grand Canyon you’d say “WOW!! I had no idea! Word’s can’t express the beauty!”, that’s what the scriptures are to the truth. It’s like saying, “Mt. Everest is a mountain.”, a true fact, but until you’re there and experience it for yourself, that’s all it’ll be to you, a fact. Once you experience the power of the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven, you’re just quoting facts.

As to the societies vs. the word of God, anyone who is wronged in their own eyes demands justice. That’s not a society-taught belief, but an ingrained part of who we are apart from society. We can teach our kids stealing is ok, but when they become the victim, even if society says it’s ok, they’re going to feel wronged. That’s because the very word of God isn’t just written on paper, but written on our very hearts. Atheists, when all accusations are answered, still reject God because if they recognized God as God, they’d have to listen and obey God. They want to stay right in their own eyes. DNA proves God. The atoms in DNA are just letters, but it takes a Mind to write out a narrative. Information is non-material, so it cannot just appear no more than the letters randomly appearing to produce this intelligent response. The scriptures say that God created everything with Wisdom and no matter what science is used, in the end they all must conclude that a Mind was involved with existence, because one clue leads to another and then to another and to yet more until there’s nothing left but the Mind. They call it metaphysics – the study of thought/being – which is really the study of God Almighty, the Mind they cannot escape. Look up Ravi Zacharias is you want more on how simple logic dictates God’s existence.

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