Assumption – Science or the Scriptures

An assumption is “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.”

Right off, we assume we know everything. Those things we do not understand we throw out assumptions to cover it up. Over and over the word of God is proven true, factual, and literal. For example, Paul says the word of God is written on our hearts. Until Watson and Crick published their findings in the 1950s that was just a metaphor. Today, we know that DNA is information, and it stores experiences up to 4 generations, just like Exodus says. Study after study has proven we are born knowing right and wrong, and science says we’re bent towards wrong 87% of the time. So why fight it? It’s just our nature they say. Making good evil and evil good – which is happening today.

With every new discovery, science keeps changing their assumptions. The evidence is so overwhelming that they clearly admit to a Designer, so instead of billions of years, it’s now billions of light years – aliens seeded us. Since their fallacy of billions of years is now defunct they’re moving to outer space. Now who has absurd faith?

Another assumption is that something observed today is the way it was thousands (or millions, in their case) of years ago. Everything observed on the globe was changed by the flood. Oh wait, they believe it to be a myth. So see, the bents everyone has is based on their beliefs. Atheists do not believe the word of God so they dismiss any “coincidence” pointing to the fact the word of God is true.  Bible-Beliving Christians, as someone said, choose to believe the word of God and are branded as ignorant. Someone on a thread said, “why would God lie in one book and have it different in His workbook.” That person will not listen to reason.

More assumptions are that constants are constants. The speed of light is not a constant, but academia rejects that fact and excommunicates anyone who proves it like the four physicists from Australia and the UK. They also assume the atmosphere has always been the same since – all time. Archeologists also reject reality because it’ll point to the word of God being true. The facts are, both sides state the “facts” and there can only be one, and that is the word of God.

There was a man who God made, and from his rib made a woman. They sinned. Because of that, Jesus had to come and die as a man to buy us back. Without a literal Adam and a literal Eve, there’s no need for a literal Jesus. Evolution is the antithesis of the word of God. No amount of scientific discovery can change that because there is one logical reason for the fallacy of evolution: why did it stop? I mean, if we have macroevolution, where are all the billions of transitions? There are none because there never were any. No one will answer these last two questions when/if they respond to my comment. I love science. I wanted to be a biochemist but was lured into computers instead. Both require the same thing to work: information. And Who put that information into our DNA? The Designer. The proof of a Designer is so overwhelming, some scientists are stating that we are indeed living in a program.

The way to prove the word of God is to first believe it is speaking the literal truth. All the answers are there. Just ask Matthew Fontaine Maury.

First, the word of God says that God made everything from the ground so it wasn’t aliens or a meteorite. Next, carbon-14 dating requires a constant flow of carbon-14 which the flood reset the baseline making things appear much older than they are. The current 1 part per trillion is a result of an absorption rate that was changed in the flood, killing off all living things. With less carbon-12 to dilute the carbon-14, the ratio of c-14 to c-12 would slowly begin to increase. If the ratio were doubled, everything measured would show it 5370 (half-life) years older, if it’s quadrupled, all organic material would appear 11,460 years older. Therefore, a radiocarbon year would not represent an actual year. Finally, the Flood would have released much of the trapped CO2 adding to the c-14 ratio, artificially increasing the “age” of an organic item. This is why the Flood is rejected, because it disproves organic material from being so old. Think about it. If the specimens were millions of years old, there wouldn’t be any c-14 left to identify any age. In the 1980’s they found that the radiocarbon is forming 28-37% faster than it is decaying. In other words, c-14 dating is eliminated as a choice for age dating.

Since the speed-of-light isn’t constant, then the star “billions-of-years away” may not be. In fact, the distance-to-time measurement of the speed of light has decreased so fast, experimental error cannot explain it. In fact, to date, there has never been an increase in the speed of light when using the same equipment to measure distance-to-time speed, but 100% of the time a decrease is recorded. Furthermore, extrapolating the decrease backward shows that the speed of light was ten billion times faster at zero than today. This makes sense when you see extremely distant galaxies have the same twist as nearer galaxies. The further away the observation, the more in slow motion it seems.

As to the billions of transitions, I’m sorry, they do not exist. I want to see all the steps between a fruit-fly and a human. They do not exists nor will they ever. Time is irrelevant if the process even exists. Many mix adaptability with macro-evolution, which goes from goo to you. I want to see the fruit-fly turn into a house fly. They can’t produce it and they’ll give some genetic reason, but the fact is, there are no hybrids of all the transitional states to observe. Evolution is based on a lie and is a lie. You have to make more assumptions about evolution than just to believe the word of God.

Anyhow, I believe Genesis 1-3 as literal, and as a scientist, I can see how it happened too without billions of years. We cannot equate God to man. If a man can make a clock and it appears older than it is, why can’t God. He did so in order for you to believe Him and His word trusting Him without all the knowledge. The more we study the more things we discover, and every discovery proves the word of God correct, and we adjust our beliefs. Before the 1950s there was no beginning of the universe. Scientists then said, “the word of God is wrong, there was no beginning” today, they admit through extrapolation, that indeed the universe had a beginning. Scientists still say “the universe is trillions of years old, the evidence is clear” but what if it isn’t. You see what you’re allowed to see. There are particles that affect things in ways we don’t even understand yet. Dark energy and dark matter were dismissed for years, but now it occupies 87% of the known universe! And it’s right there in the word of God in Genesis 1.

In a word, the more we learn about God’s creation the more complex it gets. It’s a fractal understanding by definition and in reality. In quantum physics, scientists have already discovered the scriptural definition of faith. In fact, Niels Bohr said, “An independent reality, in the ordinary physical sense, can neither be ascribed to the phenomena nor to the agencies of observation. ” Heisenberg once said, “The existing scientific concepts cover always only a very limited part of reality, and the other part that has not yet been understood is infinite. Whenever we proceed from the known into the unknown we may hope to understand, but we may have to learn at the same time a new meaning of the word ‘understanding’.” And Bohr expresses the same idea as follows: “As our knowledge becomes wider, we must always be prepared…to expect alterations in the point of view best suited for the ordering of our experience.”

The point is, we base so much on what we believe, the outcome of our observations skew the results. In other words, Proverbs 21:2 “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but Yahweh weighs the hearts.” Since we’re so biased, what frame of reference for the truth can we go to except the word of God.

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