Evolution or God’s Word

My point to get Christians to stop questioning the word of God. Thomas doubted too. He didn’t believe Jesus’ own words, nor those of his fellows. In the end, history calls him Doubting Thomas. Every scientific advancement only proves the word of God correct, and literal. I’m not being passive aggressive, I’m pointing out man’s foolishness. Many many people believe man over God just because they provided information their itching ears were content with. There are so many things that can explain why things look the way they do, but instead of giving God the benefit of the doubt, these guys say “Reality doesn’t line up with the word of God” and I find that reprehensible, arrogant, and sad, because to question any part of the legitimacy of the word of God throws out the rest. If Genesis 1 did not happen as God said, then why does anyone have to believe that Jesus, born of a virgin, had to come and live as a man in the flesh to condemn sin so we can live. That’s exactly what’s happened. Darwin repented of his “findings” admitting he was angry at God for “taking” his child. The devil took his work and ran with it.

Today, hardly anyone believes in Creation. No Creation, no Adam and no Eve, no Adam and no Eve means no original sin, and no original sin, no need for Jesus. It’s that simple. The precision of the word of God is impeccable and amazing. It’s a mathematical wonder, with Pi in Genesis 1:1 and Euler’s Number in John 1:1, and it’s an awesome and accurate history book, and explains everything because nothing is new under the sun. It’s only the continued arrogance of men to question God.

Look at modern history with just 200 years of advancements, but then think about someone living 800-900 years. Those before the flood were far more advanced than we are today. This is why Noah was chosen because his line was the last pure human and just like in the days of Noah, we are messing with God’s image. Designer babies, manipulated crops, and glow-in-the-dark pigs/chickens/dogs. The list just goes on and one. God said “all flesh had corrupted his way” implying genetic manipulation, just like today. But that’s just insane to believe right because it’s just not possible. But there it is. Even dark matter is in Genesis 1 when you understand that the light spoken of was energy not just visible light. Visible light wasn’t even made until the fourth day. The earth is going to break orbit and its rotation is going to speed up in the last days, and it’s all right there in the word of God. Before 1948 almost all Christians believed Israel would never return, but the word of God said it would. We’re going to see the temple rebuilt because the word of God says so. Every prophecy is fulfilled 100% literally.

To see it and believe it requires a strong conviction. The word of God means what it says and says what it means. If you question Creation, you question Kingdom Power. If you don’t believe in Creation, you’ll never believe in God’s promises. If you don’t believe in God’s promises, then the gifts of the Spirit are taught that they only belonged to the apostles. If you don’t believe in the gifts of the Spirit, 100’s of people can pray and nothing happens. They all have no faith. Begging God is to doubt God. He said twice, “By his stripe you were healed!” Believe. Trust. Have a strong conviction. It’s not about prayer, it’s about believing God, and taking the promises by force. The devils believe IN God and tremble, but men do not believe God nor fear Him. The fear (awesomeness) of God is the beginning of wisdom. That is why evolution is so wrong, and no evidence will change the word of God into a lie.

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