Questions by non-believers

1. If God is good, why is there evil in this world?

Free will – choice. God gave us dominion over the earth. The evil that continues is because of man. As such, a man asked God, “Why so much suffering and pain on earth?” and Jesus said, “Funny! I was going to ask you the same question.”

2. I’m a good person, so why do I have to accept Jesus to go to heaven?

Bad eggs in flour make bad bread. We are born tainted, so there is no “good person;” see the first question.

3. If God is so loving, why would He send someone to hell?

God sends no one to hell. It’s their choice. Jesus died paying for our penalty of sin (death), but we choose to not to believe and accept the free gift.

4. How do you know that God is real?

How do you know He’s not real? Proof of His existence is everywhere. One only need to seek Him out and have a teachable heart.

5. What about evidence in the Universe for the Big Bang?

The Big Bang is a scientific explanation against what the word of God says. The word of God says that the universe is like a fabric stretched out. Science is extrapolating what is visible rather than knowing all the conditions at Creation. Scientists are trying to reverse engineer the universe which is like a one-year-old child reverse engineer a Ferrari.

6. Why did God create this world?

For His pleasure. Why do you write music or paint a picture or write a poem?

7. Who created God?

God isn’t temporary like us, the created, so He has always been. No beginning, no end.

8. Why can’t you prove there is a God?

The proof is everywhere. What is the proof you seek? Adam was sinless and walked and talked with God, yet Adam still did not believe God. King David had all he could ever want and yet he was a murderer after God called him the apple of His eye. Proof of God is not what you seek. If you had it, you still would not believe. One has to believe in the possibility of something in order to discover it. Only a teachable heart can find the truth. 

9. Why do you say homosexuality is wrong?

Because it causes confusion. The same goes for fornication and bestiality. The homosexuality of the 1980s birthed the genderless push of today. Confusion and chaos.

10. What is “sin”?

To miss the mark as in arrows and target. A means of measuring that comes up short. You need a gallon, but you only have a quart. You owe $100 and you only have $1. Salvation is where God came to give you not $99, but $1 trillion.

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