God’s Appointed Times

Have you ever seen events that happen on God’s calendar?

Genesis 1:14 (KJV)
And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

I have a slight issue with “for seasons” because in the Hebrew, it’s really “appointed times”. Man hadn’t fallen yet, there were no seasons – he was naked! Here’s the word in Hebrew:

– Original: מועד
– Transliteration: Mow`ed
– Phonetic: mo-ade’
– Definition:
1. appointed place, appointed time, meeting
a. appointed time
1. appointed time (general)
2. sacred season, set feast, appointed season
b. appointed meeting
c. appointed place
d. appointed sign or signal
e. tent of meeting

Here’s just the last 30 days (since the beginning of the current Sabbath year – shmita):

• 23 Sep 2014: US attacks ISIS in Syria, #1 (29 Elul 5774 – last day of the year)
• 24 Sep 2014:

• Start of Sabbath year,
• Solar Eclipse,
• Feast of Trumpets,
• Thomas Eric Duncan shows first symptoms of Ebola, #2

• 25 Sep 2014: Duncan went to the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, but was sent home, #3
• 08 Oct 2014:

• 2nd blood moon,
• Feast of Tabernacles,
• Duncan dies of Ebola @ 7:51am CST, #4

• 08 Oct 2014: China surpasses US as world’s largest economy based on key measure, #5
• 15 Oct 2014:

• End of Feast of Tabernacles,
• a second Ebola victim confirmed – the nurse that helped Mr. Duncan, #6


Sep 24 is closed @ 17056.13 – (Oct 15) 16138.68 = 917.45 from start of Shmita to end of Feast of tabernacles! #7

• 19 Oct 2014: Comet makes rare close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch #8
• 23 Oct 2014:

• Last day of Tishri (30 Tishri 5775)
• A partial solar eclipse occurred, #9.
• Tishri started with a solar eclipse.
• First case of Ebola in NYC confirmed, @ 11:53 PM – 23 Oct 2014, #10.

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Still not seeing it? Here’s the last two “Sabbath” years (shmita is 7 years) :

• 9/11/2001: Terrorist attack around 9am, #1 (23 Elul 5761), 7 buildings (all world trade center) destroyed, #2
• 9/17/2001: Stock market loses 7% (684 points) in first day of trading after 9/11, #3, (29 Elul 5761, last day of shmita)

• 9/28/2008: Congress does not pass $700 billion bailout, #4
• 9/29/2008: at 4pm stocks close with a slide of 777 points, #5, (29 Elul 5768, last day of the shmita)

• Date difference from terror attack to 2008 market crash: 7 years, 6 days (Jewish dates), 7 hours
• Date difference from 2001 crash to 2008 crash: 7 years to the minute!
• Market closed at 9,605.51 on Sept. 10, 2001, #6, and could not open until the 17th when it fell 7%, and exactly 8 years later on 9/11/2009 it was only 10 cents off closing at 9,605.41, #6. (Notice the math: 9,6+5 = 9/11)

Other notable facts:
Washington Dedicated the United States to God on April 30, 1789, #7, in the Federal Hall (destroyed in 1812), 26 Wall Street (across the street from the NY Stock Exchange, and 4 blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks). The foundation of Federal Hall was cracked by the 9/11 attacks, #8.

The One World Trade Tower started in August 25, 1966, (9 Elul 5726) a shmita, completed Hanukah (25 Kislev 5731), December 23, 1970, and was the tallest tower in the world until 1973 (a shmita). Destroyed 9/11/01 (23 Elul 5761), exactly 5 shmitas two weeks later! (35 years (5×7), 14 days (7+7)).

Shmitas are for the sign of rise or fall of nations. The Berlin Victory Parade of 1945 was held by the Allies of World War II on September 7, 1945 in Berlin, the capital of the defeated Nazi Germany, #9. That day is 29 Elul 5705, the last day of the shmita.

America’s rise as a super power began when we joined WWI, which was on April 6, 1917, #10. That day is Passover, 14 Nisan 5677, in a shmita. America’s turn downward is in Jan 22, 1973, a shmita, when it legalizes abortion, #11, 5 days later, Jan 27, 1973, it’s declared that we lost the War in Vietnam, #12.

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The number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. The number 11, coming after 10 (which represents law and responsibility), represents the opposite – the irresponsibility of breaking the Law, which brings disorder and judgment.

9/11 was a judgment on America, not wrath. Judgment calls for repentance and brings hope for those that repent, Heb 12:8, whereas wrath is final. This date is without a doubt the turning point of America and our freedoms. While we’ve been slipping from Grace, this date is the start or beginning, of the judgment of America. In Hebrew, beginning, start is “ראשׁית” and its gematria (number value for the letter, A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.) is 911 (200+1+300+10+400)!

I’ve shown the facts above, so watch out for the next crash, if these patterns hold, will occur on 9/11/2015, the last day the market is open in this shmita. A coincident? Rabbi Cahn made me do my own homework. I hope you do your own too. Look at the birthdate of America and what it means in God’s calendar. I put all the dates of the Tetrads (4 blood moons) in a study http://abdicate.net/blog/?p=410 (did you know there was a beginning of them!? And there’s an end too!). I also found a timeline, http://abdicate.net/blog/?p=449 of Hosea 6:2 because of the Tetrad study, and I found a Jewish Rabbi from 1214 AD that predicted the date of Israel’s birth and the fall of the Ottoman Empire: http://abdicate.net/blog/?p=431

At what point does coincidence turn into truth…as you know, the truth has no agenda.

I hope you enjoyed this.

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